Mor­gan Fried­man — Prenup Mas­ter

Mor­gan’s found­ed his fair share of star­tups, on­ly hav­ing one close call. Why even one? He had­n’t yet dis­cov­ered the mag­ic of the Founder­Prenup. Ever since, he’s cov­ered him­self, head to toe, with an su­per duper le­gal agree­ment that pass­es the “Mom Test”. He en­joys work­ing, read­ing clas­sic books, eat­ing av­o­ca­dos, and drink­ing aper­i­tifs on the rocks.

Bradley Nick­el — Al­imo­ny Smurf

An ex­pert at avoid­ing “ba­by ma­ma dra­ma,” Brad helped Mor­gan cre­ate the Founder­Prenup. You’ve got­ten this far, so he can’t be all that bad, right?